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Why I would love sash windows

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When we moved into our flat the windows had just been replaced, our block is owned by the council and we are lease holders meaning the prior owners had to go for the windows that the council recommended. This was 15 years ago now and already the closing mechanisms are starting to jam and not work properly. We live on a main road and also have a train track behind us - over the years I have been used to the hum of traffic and trains going past us but when I have stayed at other people's houses I do notice how lovely and quiet it is and I feel so much more rested.

Please note this stylish set-up below is not my flat (I wish it was) this is just an example of the type of windows I would love if I could.

Below is our flat. You can see how close we are to the road.

In the future, I am hoping to replace the windows, preferably with triple glazed sash windows. Sash windows are the ones that vertically slide open and I think they are much better looking than modern style windows. They were very typical in the Victorian era so you'll often see them on older houses.

Photo from Unspash

Ideally we would love to sell up within the next couple of years. Our family of five have outgrown this two-bedroom flat - two of our children share a room, our eldest daughter has the small box room and myself and my hubby sleep downstairs on a sofa bed. Being a split-level flat, all of our rooms are front facing - the main road is a few metres away.

We are gradually making improvements to help try and make our flat more appealing by modernising the flooring and the bathroom. New windows would also make a huge difference to the look and feel of our home. Choosing triple glazing may not be the cheapest option but it would certainly help reduce noise from outside.

The next thing on my wish list for the living room would be shutters. At the moment we have a roller blind and curtains. We have had our lovely white blind for years, it is from Ikea and although we love it, it does not block out any light so we are currently getting woken at around 4.30am every morning when the sun floods in. Shutters also look extremely stylish in my opinion.

There are many other benefits that come from triple glazed windows including reducing heat loss by trapping heat inside and keeping your home feeling warmer, meaning cheaper energy bills. It is also stronger than double glazing providing extra security for your home.

On top of this all, and most importantly for us, is keeping the noise from the road at bay - this may have to be a future investment for us.

Have any of you updated your windows recently? Any hints and tips would be greatly received here.

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