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New airport taxi transfer service in Istanbul

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It has been a long time since we have had a holiday, 11 years to be exact, the last time we travelled abroad with our two young daughters was 2008 and we had booked a package holiday to Majorca which included a coach to transport us from the airport to our hotel. As great as this is, sometimes after a flight, having a coach ride that has to drop off at many destinations can take you much longer to arrive, especially if your hotel is the last drop-off point.

These days more and more of us are choosing to sort our own travels out via Airbnb and online companies meaning booking your own airport transfer is a must. This can cause extra stress but it doesn't have to.

We would love to head abroad in the next year or two and Turkey is a place we have in mind. It has a great climate, turquoise waters, bazaars and it is rich in history - plus it is quite reasonable in its affordability. Therefore finding out about an airport transfer service from Fat Taxi is very useful indeed. The headquarters are based in London but the service operates out of Instanbul, Sabiha Gokcen and Antalya airports offering an affordable airport transfer that can easily be booked online.

Customers are charged per ride rather than per person with a good fleet of vehicles carrying between 8 to 13 people. If you are travelling with children you can request child seats or booster seats in advance, there is also free WiFi on board - always a bonus to help keep the little ones entertained! Each passenger will also get a bottle of water.

It is great to know that the stress can be taken away, travelling with kids and being in a busy airport can be overwhelming with all the hustle and bustle. Once you have booked your taxi and it has been confirmed your greeter will be waiting for you with a sign with your name on, they will then help you with your luggage and take you to meet your driver. Your driver will already have your destination so no need to try and explain where you are going.

Being a reputable company you can see on TripAdviser that they have had great reviews already from their customers - I think one of the difficult things when travelling abroad is worrying about getting ripped off, which unfortunately can happen with some of the yellow taxi drivers it is great to hear that you can guarantee an excellent service.

Booking is very simple, you can either book online, or via email or WhatsApp - which let's face it - is extremely useful to have all of the booking details on your mobile phone.

So, if you are planning a trip to Turkey this summer (or winter) have a look at Fat Taxi - you could save yourself some money on your journey from the airport to your accommodation.

Photos from: Unspash.

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