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What do you need to look for in a family car?

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Every family needs a car that they can rely on each and every day whether this is for the school run, going shopping, taking the kids to their friend’s house or visiting family. This means that when choosing a family car you need to take your time to find one which is suitable for your lifestyle and up to the task. These are the main aspects that you will need to look for:


The first aspect to consider is size. You will (obviously) need enough space to take the whole family in the car but you also need to make sure that there is plenty of legroom and also plenty of boot space so that you can take the family along with shopping, buggies and any other kind of luggage. SUVs are an excellent option for families with models like the Peugeot 3008 being a fantastic family car with plenty of space and a comfortable interior.


Safety is always important when choosing a car but especially when it is a family car. Always be sure to check the Euro NCAP rating and look out for what safety features the car has - many modern vehicles have a wide range of impressive safety features which utilise the latest technology which will keep you all safe when on the road.


Ideally, you will want a 5 door vehicle so that it is easy for everyone to get into and out of the car. Additionally, be sure to look out for a child-lock feature as this can stop the kids from accidentally opening the door while driving and provide peace of mind for the driver.


As mentioned, it is likely that you will be using this car every day and you certainly won’t want a car which regularly has issues. This means that you need to find a car which is reliable and from a trusted brand - you can find out about the best reliable models and brands while researching different cars.

Running Costs

Keeping a car on the road is expensive so you may also want to think about the running costs. In addition to a fuel-efficient engine, you should research into how much the car will cost to tax and insure (keep in mind that there are ways to reduce insurance costs).

Hopefully, this information will help you to find the perfect family car which will fit in seamlessly with your lifestyle and provide many happy years of family motoring.

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