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Kindness is everything

Over the last couple of months the kindness of others has had me in tears. The kindness and generosity of the public during the devastating, ongoing bushfires in Australia, the kindness of strangers visiting the elderly over Christmas, it is really heartwarming.

Kindness and patience are two qualities that I have always possessed - if I am asked to do something by somebody I will often go above and beyond and not expect anything in return. I have dropped off and picked people's kids up from school regularly, often when I already had other plans. I have helped neighbours out when they have needed me. I have helped out friend's with various skills that I can offer. I have undercharged people for my services. I have gone without so other's could have things. If I have it, I will give it. If I can't give something you need, I can give you my time.

I have often been told I am "too kind" or "too nice." I can't change this, it's in my nature.

These past few months I have experienced kindness no end. A neighbour asked me to help with her cleaning, she was desperate as her usual cleaner couldn't come. She asked me to come that evening. I went there without having dinner and stayed there for three hours. She came up the next day with treats for the children and some money for me, she was so grateful.

One of my lovely clients made a beaded bracelet for me and sent me some other gifts to thank me for my hard work, with a card telling me I was amazing!

A friend, who I have helped previously and expected nothing in return, out of the blue gave me a card, inside the card was a little envelope that said: "spreading a little love, joy and smiles." She had given me some money - I offered to give it back feeling slightly overwhelmed.

Family have given us money for Christmas instead of gifts so we can enjoy days out with the kids.

kindness quotes

I have let things get on top of me lately, the pressure of earning whilst self-employed is immense. I left my tax return until this week which has been playing on my mind for months. I have been worrying over silly things instead of actually dealing with them. My husband starts his new job today, it has been a worry over Christmas waiting for his start date and also we are still unsure whether we will be paid at all this month - but we will deal with these things as they come and I know people are there to listen and help when they can.

Sometimes, I wish I had more to give, to say thank you. But, I have come to realise, that kindness and your time is the best gift there is.

Be kind, always.

kindness is everything

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