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3 Best Places for Spring Family Photo Ops in England

There is nothing quite as breath-taking as when the first buds of colour begin peeping their heads out in bloom after a long, cold winter. It’s spring after all and a season when many families decide they’re due to take a bit of time outdoors during the Easter break from schools. With that in mind, families will be taking their kids out and about and what an amazing time for family photo ops. So, if you are looking for the perfect locations throughout England, here are three you might want to consider. While you’re at it, enjoy a road trip to see how the colours vary as they pop out from one area of the country to the next. They do provide amazing backdrops for your family photos.

Bring Your Car Along for the Trip

While you could hire a car in England, there’s no reason not to take the family car from NI to England. You can catch a car ferry in Belfast that goes to Liverpool, and then the one leaving from Larne goes across to Fleetwood, both in England.

In fact, since you had searched for and found cheap car insurance NI, it covers you in all of the UK so there’s no need to purchase hire insurance if you were to go that route. The rates for cheap car insurance NI make it possible for you to save a bit more money so that you have more to spend on your Easter break photo ops road trip with the kids! Now onto three great places for those amazingly colourful photos.

1. The Cotswolds

With streets lined with picturesque cottages and garden flowers in bloom, this is the perfect time to take a shot or two down the lanes of some of England’s most charming towns and villages. There are several scenic places to take a hike, and these will all be in bloom as well.

2. Devon

If you are looking for quintessential farmland, it would be Devon for sure. Home of world-famous clotted cream, you’ll get a chance to see the cows from which the cream is sourced. With cows in the background, why not take a photo of your kids at a picnic table happily eating their scones with Devon cream? These make lovely photos to send across the pond to relatives that migrated Stateside. Perhaps the only colours you’ll see is the green of the grass upon which they feed and the brown and white of the cattle, but that’s colour enough for this leg of the trip.

3. Norfolk

If it’s nature you’re after, Norfolk is the place to spend Easter break. Having just started in March, the seal-spotting trips launch from Morston Quay. While the kids can’t get up close and personal with the seals, you might get in a good shot or two with the seals in the background and the kids taking front and centre stage. These are amazing times of simply being together with family and an assorted animal or two along the way.

Spring will be here before you know it, so start planning those Easter break family photo ops now. This will be the year for finally creating that memory book and what better way to fill the pages than with shots of the kids in all the beauty nature has to offer?


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