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3 great ways to make the most of your backyard

With longer, brighter days on the horizon, you can begin to look forward to spending more time outside. If you have a backyard, you can really make the most of being able to enjoy time outdoors, with privacy and security. To help you feel inspired, read on for some fun suggestions on what you could be doing in your backyard.

Host a family barbeque

A barbeque is the classic outdoor activity and a perfect way of spending some relaxing time outside with friends and loved ones. There are all kinds of creative ways to enjoy grilled food, from classic burgers, hot dogs and sausages, to healthier options with vegetables, vegan alternatives, and even desserts.

To make the barbeque event a little less stressful, encourage everyone attending to contribute in a small way. This might mean asking different people to bring their favourite side dishes or salads, getting kids involved by asking them to decorate the outside space, or delegating practical tasks such as clearing up afterward. After you’ve enjoyed the food, kick back and relax with a comforting outdoor fire from, a great way of unwinding while sharing stories or music even after dark.

Put on a creative show

If you, or other family members, have a creative streak, why not indulge it by putting on your very own talent showcase? This can be a wonderful way of sharing with others and encourage those who are on the shy side to get involved with family activities.

You might want to host an open talent show, where every family member is encouraged to show off a unique talent, whether it’s playing a musical instrument, singing a song, or performing a magic trick. To make it even more inventive, you can create a simple stage setting by putting up a curtain over a stand to create a grand entrance. Of course, make sure that you have a camera on hand to capture the special moments that are on display!

Create your own obstacle course

A great advantage of being outside is that you can allow yourself to get a lot messier than you might indoors. You can really indulge in this by making up your own obstacle course, incorporating different elements of your yard, and making it as inventive as you like. It is also a great way of getting active and enjoying exercise with others, helping to create a more healthy lifestyle.

An obstacle course can be as challenging or simple as you choose – you’re free to make up the rules. If you have an inflatable pool, garden furniture, or outdoor toys such as a swing, slide, or climbing frame, you might want to put them together to create a circuit of different activities. You can even make a course with simple household items, such as by using a bench or floorboard to create a balance beam, making a tunnel with a sheet pitched over some chairs, or stepping stones using simple paving blocks.


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