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3 Unusual Family-Friendly Holidays You Need to Consider

Picture it: you and your kids are sailing down a river, surrounded by a gorgeous Nordic forest at sunset.

That sounds a lot more entertaining than a standard resort holiday, doesn’t it?

As the world opens up again, we’re looking to explore it in more ways than ever before. While many of us will be jetting off for a poolside holiday, that simply won’t do for others.

With little ones, holidays need to be both relaxing and physically and mentally stimulating. And it helps if your location is related to an interest or a hobby of theirs.

Here, we’ll cover some of the most fun and unusual family-friendly holidays you can take your kids on.

Magical treehouse holidays

Whether your kids already have a treehouse sanctuary or have always dreamed of one, but you don’t have the facilities, a magical treehouse stay will be up every kid’s street. These whimsical lodges replicate our kids’ favourite hideaway spots and also offer a lot of additional activities to keep them entertained too.

In New Forest and Hampshire, you can find magical treehouse holidays with games rooms, play areas, swimming pools, and sports courts to keep your energetic little ones entertained at all times. For smaller tots, they include baby and toddler equipment, so you’ll have everything you need to entertain children of all ages.

Located in a beautiful forest, your kids will have the opportunity to explore nature – something that’s proven to be mentally and physically beneficial. So, for a quirky holiday your kids won’t forget in a hurry, choose a treehouse vacation.

Camping with a twist in Sweden

Lots of our little adventurers love nothing more than spending some time in nature and exploring the great outdoors on a camping holiday. If you’ve already taken them camping in the UK and you’re interested in a holiday that’s further afield, a Sweden ecolodge might be the holiday for you.

Sweden is renowned for its magnificent forests and landscapes, and the scenery will blow you and your little ones away. As well as camping in a unique ecolodge with a fireplace and cosy Nordic bedding complete with Viking-esque faux fur throws, there are plenty of activities to keep adventurous tots entertained. Take a canoeing trip and marvel at the gorgeous forests or a unique safari tour to spot beavers and moose in their natural habitats.

If your kids are constantly glued to their screens, these holidays promise an authentic back-to-basics experience. With no WiFi or electricity, your kids will be compelled to take in their breathtaking surroundings and throw themselves into the rustic activities that come with this holiday.

Get a taste of the world in the UK

For the animal lovers among us, a safari is the ultimate holiday. But when it comes to visiting the real-life dwellings of some of the world’s most magnificent creatures, there are a lot of stumbling blocks. Travel to countries like Uganda can be expensive, and you need to consider how factors like the climate will affect your little ones – especially if they’ve never experienced it before.

The good news is that you can get a safari experience here in the UK. Just head to Kent and stay in one of its safari parks. You’ll be able to see giraffes and elephants in a safari environment without the cost and travel expenses that come with visiting them in their natural habitats. Some of these safari parks, like Howletts, are also dedicated conservation charities, so you can be assured of the animals’ welfare.

Resort holidays are so 2019. We’re able to explore the country and the world again, so we’re thinking outside the box when it comes to our next family holiday. Whether you choose a cute and quirky lodging that your kids will adore, take them back to basics, or give them an unforgettable safari experience right in the UK, there are plenty of under-the-radar holidays you can take your kids on. Pack those kids’ backpacks and set off on the adventure of a lifetime.


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