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4 Autumn Activities You Need to Be Adding to Your Bucket List in 2023

Autumn is trending across social platforms, with #autumn wracking up 14 million views on TikTok in the UK and set to continue trending as the cold weather approaches.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect autumn-inspired Instagram post or to spend some time away from social media and socialising, we’ve got the ultimate autumn activities bucket list for you.

Bonfire bonanza

Autumn is a time to party in the cold and enjoy every minute of it. From red mini dresses for the perfect devil outfit for Halloween, to building blanket forts, finding something to do in autumn isn’t difficult.

With Halloween and Bonfire night two central points of the season, spending time preparing for the biggest parties of the season is crucial. Whether your friends go all out on a costume party, or you prefer a more casual approach to the season, there is something for everyone.

And a bonfire doesn’t have to wait until the 5th November! Gather your friends for a fireworks night, followed by themed food and drinks for all.

Pumpkin patch

When it comes to autumn activities, you can’t miss out on the pumpkin patch. With #pumpkinpicking having 601K posts on Instagram alone, this orange-filled day is perfect for your next photoshoot.

Autumn is all about burnt orange, crisp air and spending time outside before the winter freeze hits. So, what embodies the autumn season more than visiting a pumpkin patch?

And with the pumpkins you collect, you can do the traditional carvings in time for Halloween or jump on the cutest, faceless pumpkin head photoshoots. This is great for couples, your girl group, and even pets, as you get unique photos with a bit of fun.

Visit the sunflower fields

Or if you’re more interested in flowers than fruit, sunflower fields are a popular location for people during autumn.

These trails are a wonderland of sunflowers, growing taller than most people! So you can feel small among these beauties. And with space to spare, there is plenty of opportunity for you to get the stunning golden-hour pic of your dreams.

Picnic, paint, and pinot

Grab your friends and make a picnic of it, complete with painting and pinot for the perfect activity bundle. After all, where better to enjoy a wine and paint session than among the colours of autumn?

Why not jump on the viral thrifted ghost painting trend where people are taking old paintings and adding their own ghosts into the mix? With 22.7 million views on TikTok, it is no wonder everyone is going crazy for this creative activity.

Halloween not really your style? Why not try painting white candles using melted coloured candle wax, painting each other, or painting the scenery in your very own Bob Ross special?

Whether you’re deep into the Halloween hype or you prefer learning new skills with your girl friends on a Saturday evening, there is something for everyone to do in Autumn. From cosy comfort to creepy costumes, finding something to do is easy. And with so many trends surrounding the spooky season and instagrammable spots in the cool sun, you’ll not want to miss out!


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