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A much-needed break - Chasing sunsets

It's been six months since we left the county of Surrey - six whole months! I haven't been more than a six mile radius from home since before lockdown began. I am just back from a two night break visiting my Dad and my brother in Kent and boy was it needed!

Just being away from the day-to-day drudgery felt so good. No cleaning, no cooking, no walking the dog. Instead I had bright blue skies, beaches, wheat fields and sunsets.

I have to say the Isle of Sheppey does not disappoint when it comes to sunsets. We walked to Minster beach on the first night, passing by a wheat field, the sun was setting at around 8.30pm. The reflections of the colours in the sea looked like a painting. My brother caught the most beautiful pictures of Shannon in the wheat field.

sunset wheat field Minster Isle of Sheppey

sunset Minster Isle of Sheppey Kent

sunset Minster Isle of Sheppey Kent

Picture below copyright of Anarchy Photography

We visited Shellness beach, some of the little beach houses reminded me of an old shanty town. We could have been in the Caribbean!

We caught another beautiful sunset at Queenborough Harbour - a fantastic spot!

sunset Queenborough harbour Isle of Sheppey

On Friday we headed to a more secluded spot of the local beach, where there is plenty of driftwood and a small shipwreck. We could have been anywhere in the world.

Coming back home to the day-to-day duties feels like a huge chore. Proof that even a couple of days away does you the world of good. I will get back into the swing of things here again, but in the meantime you'll find me dreaming of the beach and sunsets.


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