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Acoustic sound dampening curtains, Do they work?

Discovering soundproof curtains was one of the best things I could have done back in early 2019. You see, I and some of my roommates complained constantly during the morning whenever we had a chance to eat breakfast together. These complaints were always about the same thing: the noise coming from the street.

You see, in our dorm, there are three rooms that are the closest to the street. As for someone like me who suffers from insomnia, sleeping is really important. And it’s very frustrating to have someone else interrupting my long-awaited sleep early in the morning.

I live in a place where, although there’s not much traffic, there’s always someone trying to attract clients. I tried to do something about it, but all my efforts were futile.

That’s when I got tired of it and decided to look for a solution. One of my coworkers convinced me to try acoustic sound dampening curtains, and my sleep has never been interrupted the same way.

Of course, there are still some rare occasions where I wake up due to sound, but most of the time is sound coming from inside the house and not from outside. At the very least, they’ve performed excellently at blocking the sound coming from the street. Both roommates are very grateful for it, too.

How Do They Work, Though?

First, there’s something you need to know. Although I call them “soundproof” curtains, they are not actually soundproof. It’s just an easy way to name them, instead of using the whole “acoustic sound dampening curtains”, yet, that’s what they do. If you want to know more detailed information about soundproofing, you should check

They don’t actually make your room soundproof, but they block any sound coming from outside, making it way weaker, thus reducing the chances of sound interrupting the peace inside your house.

With that said, that’s more than enough for me to sleep calmly. Although sometimes I can still hear the ruckus of the outside world, it is certainly weaker compared to how it was before, making it less annoying and invasive.

But how do these curtains achieve this?

Well, they are made out of a thick fabric that is able to block some of the sound, as well as block light coming from the outside.

That is certainly one of the advantages of it: it can also block light very well, and for me, that was a big plus.

They are also pretty fashionable and come in many designs, like these noise reduction curtains.

They Are Way More Affordable and Easy to Use Than Actual Soundproofing

What’s so great about dampening curtains is that they are pretty easy to install in comparison to actual soundproofing. They are also way more affordable. For someone who only wanted a quick solution to a simple problem, they perfectly satisfied my needs.

Still, having the right mindset about them is absolutely necessary. As we mentioned earlier, they are not a solution if you want to completely soundproof your house. Dampening and soundproofing are different things. Dampening is capable of absorbing or redirecting some of the noise, whereas soundproofing is capable of absorbing and redirecting most of it, if not all.

This can make some people disappointed because they might expect a product capable of making the whole room quiet without letting any noise pass through. Understanding this is important before purchasing.

How to Decide on a High-Quality Dampening Curtain

There are many curtains that are described as soundproof just because they are thick and heavy, yet they lack the capability of blocking sound. Of course, being thick and heavy are two different things in a sound deadening curtain, but that’s not everything.

To pick the right one there are some things you should know.

As this article implies, you should make sure that the curtain you are picking covers a lot of space since you don’t want any sound or light going through it. You also want to make sure that it’s tightly woven.

Some things to consider when picking one is the size since you need to determine which size is better for you depending on your own circumstances. The size of your room, for example, and how much space is there between the floor and the roof, or how wide is the space between walls.

You should also look for curtains made of suede, velvet or polyester. Extra fiber comes in handy when you need to block sound. Also, remember that thickness helps block sound more efficiently, and that should be something you should take in mind when deciding for one.

In Conclusion

A sound-deadening curtain can be a really good investment if you are purchasing it for the right thing. In my case, it was probably one of the best things because it not only helped me reduce the noise coming from outside but also, it helped me block the annoying morning light that usually made me grumpy when it hit my face.

Picking one wasn’t easy, though. I had to get help from my friend to pick the right colour (because I have no aesthetics sense) but that’s also part of the process. The model I went for certainly makes my room look fancier.

I completely recommend them if you want to get rid of some of the sound coming from the outside, but also recommend understanding how they work and what they are capable of doing. And in my personal opinion, they are definitely worth it.

And that’s why I invite you to get them to get rid of your noise problems!


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