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Back to a festival - one for the memory bank

I'm not actually expecting anyone to read this. This is purely for my own memory bank. After almost two years of waiting, we finally made it back to a festival. In 2020 the pandemic cancelled all events, including outdoor events. Not only were these some of the things I had most looked forward to throughout the year - I also lost income - previous years I have worked for many events (mainly festivals or live events) in different ways including marketing, listings, social media, photography and admin support. When we reached 2021, I felt terrible for Black Deer festival who had to cancel at the last minute as well as some of the large music festivals like Boomtown.

But, to our relief, and many other festival family's - Elderflower Fields went ahead two months later than planned. We may have only managed to spend the day there this year but the feeling of being back in a field, with live music, happy people and getting dressed up felt amazing.

My children have grown up going there, they know their way around and feel happy to take themselves around. They often talk about festivals when we're at home and ask when we will go to another.

So, I'm just gonna leave these here, for me to look back on...


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