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Best holiday toy gifts for kids this 2020

Did you hear that every shipping company is going to be backed up for weeks this holiday season? That means you need to get all your gifts extra early this year!

The good news is that we put together a quick list of four toys that make the perfect gift to any child.

And the best part is that they’re 70% OFF RIGHT NOW!

You can get the best gift at an insane markdown that will disappear when word gets out.

ELZA The Elephant

ELZA’s #1 on our list because she’s adorable and insanely soft for cuddling. That high-quality cotton really pays off when your baby with sensitive skin is able to hug her without any problems.

ELZA doesn’t stop there, she sings and plays PEEK-A-BOO, giving you and your baby hours of fun.

She’ll make the perfect gift to any recent or expecting parent and is the perfect toy for a baby’s first Christmas.

Galactic Fidget Drone

Second on our list is Galactic Fidget Drone because it helps with something we all struggle with stress & anxiety.

Seriously, this drone is like a mental massage that soothes your mind from stress and anxiety without hiring a massage therapist every time you have a rough day.

It has 4 unique flight modes that are easy to use and it’s made with a special polymer that’ll survive 100 crashes and drops.


This is the perfect toy for any kid. It combines drawing with technology and makes drawing on paper or tablets boring.

All your drawings glow in the dark and it cleans itself so there’s never a need to wash it.

Best of all, it comes with drawing stencils that makes anyone draw like Picasso.

Loonie Launcher

Everyone loves unique gifts that open a whole new world for them.

Loonie Launcher is a unique STEM toy that somehow turns science experiments into a game that has kids playing for hours.

It’s a screenless set of cars, balloons and an air pump that will have groups of kids outside playing and running around.

There you have it!

Four amazing toys that make shopping for gifts over.

And it’s at 70% OFF right now.

Since carriers say they’ll be backed up, even more, the closer we get to this holiday season (they’re already backed up), do yourself a favour and clicks the links above to see which gift is best for you.


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