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Bouncing back from a pandemic: 3 ways to give your holiday let income a boost this summer

Out of all of the businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel and tourism industry faced one of the hardest hits. Although there was a brief relaxing of the lockdown rules over summer, people haven’t been able to travel normally for over a year- and the fear of catching COVID has kept many people opposed to the idea of travel.

However, with two different vaccines currently making their rounds and a proposed roadmap in place, it shouldn’t be long until businesses are able to open their doors again- and the travel industry is already seeing a surge in demand.

This summer is expected to be a busy one, but with so much competition from other holiday lets, you want to make sure that property stands out from the crowd. Here are 3 ways you can give your holiday let income a much-needed boost this summer:

Make Sure The WIFI Is Strong

In the age of the millennials, a good WIFI connection is now as important as a TV or a kettle would have been previously. If your property has no internet connection, then you are potentially losing out on hundreds of customers who want to stay up to date on social media and other apps while they’re on holiday. Weighing up the pros and cons of starlink vs hughesnet, for example, and choosing a service from the best provider in your area is a great option if you are in a rural location.

If you do have WIFI already, then it’s equally as important for there to be a good, stable connection, we are lucky to have some very good internet providers in my area so WIFI is never a problem here, some other areas are not always so lucky. People often travel far to come on holiday, and they will use their phones as a means to connect with friends and family members back at home- so they’re expecting a good enough connection to make a video call at the least.

Redecorate Your Outdoor Area

Most holiday-makers don’t spend a lot of time in their rental property, especially when the sun is out. But providing your guests with an excellent outdoor space, gives them the option to relax in the sun without having to travel elsewhere.

There are many ways you can revamp your outdoor area, from adding new furniture and plants to gazebos and new fencing. Decking is a great way to modernise your outdoor space to give it a fresh, clean appearance. Ecoscape offers decking which comes in five nature-inspired colours, which benefits from being low maintenance and easy to clean. Check out this seaside decking project for an idea of what they can do for your property.

Allow Pets In Your Property

With around 23% of UK households owning a dog, it makes sense that pet-friendly properties are becoming more popular. Most people who own a dog are likely to take them with them on holiday in the UK, so if you want to expand on your customers then it’s a good idea to allow pets into your property.

If you do so, you’d have to make sure your property is as pet-friendly as possible. Anything that can be chewed needs to be out of sight, and delicate ornaments are a big no. It’s also worth investing in a good vacuum cleaner!


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