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City Lights London

Five of London's historic sites within the Square Mile, have been lit up in a free interactive event of light and sound installations - luckily we got to see four of them last night before Storm Eunice arrived. The City Lights are only on until Sunday, February 20th, 2022 but are worth a look if you are in town - they start at 5.30pm and switch off at 10.00pm. Do check online as the weather has caused them to close down a couple of nights. We missed out on the Guildhall Keys of Light as that one was not on when we visited. Here's what we saw:

Imminence by Novak in collaboration with Ed Carter and Hazel Dunn

St Paul's Cathedral Church Yard

Closest stations Bank or St Pauls (but walkable from London Bridge)

This is illuminated on the pathway to represent the consequences of climate change in a vibrant picture-changing lightshow which is set to music. We arrived at around 6.00pm and it was pretty busy but still space to walk around. The patterns are all lovely to look at and it was a very calming experience with the music playing.

Colour by Light by Floating Pictures

St Mary Le Bow Church, Cheapside

Just a short walk from St Paul's this was pretty cool allowing you to create art with light using a torch or your phone and the pavement as your canvas. Stewards were handing out torches, note they need to be pointed upwards to enable you to draw.

Harmonic Portal by Chris Plant

St Mary Aldermary Church, Watling Street

There are three circular light installations on the wall. The steward explained that they were supposed to be calming and the sounds were meditative - the frequency and brainwaves allow the circles to change colour.

Celestial Brainstorm by Amelia Kosminsky

Queen Victoria Street (Bloomberg Plaza)

This had ropes that needed to be gently pulled to make the sculpture spin to create patterns on the ground and the wall behind it.

Keys of Light at Guildhall Yard was closed but this one sounded like it would be impressive. People play a grand piano which generates a pulse of light transforming the Guildhall building into artwork.

City Lights is certainly worth a look if you are in town this weekend. The installations are all pretty close to each other and you can download a map. We ended up getting a bus to London Bridge as it was raining but there are tube stations nearby at Bank, St Pauls and Maison House too. London Bridge Station is about a 15 minute walk away.


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