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Coronavirus diaries: 15 weeks of lockdown

This is a little diary for my own benefit to look back on.

We have now been home-schooling for almost four months! I have absorbed more information than I can ever remember learning at school. From pathogens to pi - I can truly say, if anything, I will come out of 2020 more knowledgeable.

The kids have coped well, as restrictions are easing they have started meeting with friends again and going for walks. The UK have had roughly 44,000 deaths related to Covid-19. I got selected at random by Imperial College London to have an antibody test. It came through the post with a DIY kit. The test was like a pregnancy test but you have to prick your finger and drop a spot of blood on a window and then add some buffer liquid. I had the results within 15 minutes and mine were negative.

School is much busier now with reception and year 1 and all of the key-worker children in. I am wondering how it will work in September as it seems that social distancing measures will still apply. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

I still haven't ventured far. We walked up the hill to the park last week. We have had a takeaway from the waffle shop and I have been to the supermarket as usual.

I do a lot of multitasking. As well as home-schooling my three, trying to keep on top of the housework, working from home and working at the school, I am seriously considering starting up an Etsy shop again. I had forgotten how much I love to make things. I have a pile of wooden boards here ready for me to start painting on.

Officially, the kids will break up from school in two weeks time. The pressure of school work will then have gone away and hopefully we may be able to start having a few days out again.

Financially, we are both lucky that we have our jobs at school. I only earn a small amount from mine but every little helps. I am also entirely grateful to my clients who have continued to send me work. Again, I am earning less - like most of us may be - but every penny counts.

Pubs, hairdressers and other businesses are gradually re-opening. My husband and son are both in need of a haircut.

I have been buying a few second hand things (mostly clothes) but those little happy mail parcels have kept me smiling. I might have to sell some of my old ones to make way for the new purchases!

Two more weeks of home-schooling - we've got this!


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