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Design Tips for the Ultimate Family Living Room

Creating a warm, inviting living room that works for the whole family can be tricky. With kids, pets, and busy schedules, the room needs to be functional as well as stylish. Luckily, designing a room like this isn’t as hard as it might sound. Follow these design tips for pulling together the ultimate family living room.

Choose Durable and Washable Fabrics

When selecting fabrics for sofas, chairs, pillows, and curtains, durability and washability should be top priorities. Look for performance fabrics that can stand up to heavy use and can be easily spot cleaned. Microfiber, leather, and indoor/outdoor fabrics are all good options for high traffic areas. Stay away from delicate fabrics like silk or velvet which will not withstand daily wear and tear.

Incorporate Clever Storage Solutions

Clutter is the enemy of a peaceful living room. Make sure there are plenty of options for tucking away toys, books, remotes, and more when not in use. Storage ottomans, hidden cabinets, wall shelves, and media cabinets all allow you to neatly store items when company comes over. Baskets and trunks are attractive and functional storage options.

Add Pops of Colour and Personality

While the overall look should be soothing and neutral, add some colourful accents that reflect your family’s personality. Vibrant pillows, a patterned area rug, artwork featuring bright colours, and accessories like vases all allow you to customise the space. Have fun with different textures and patterns to keep the room visually interesting.

Use Wall Stickers to Zone Areas

Wall stickers are a fantastic way to designate different zones in an open concept living room without using bulky furniture or permanent architectural changes. Use removable wall stickers to define a reading nook, arts and crafts area, or even a homework station. Kids and adults alike will enjoy having designated spaces tailored to their interests. Geometric shapes, arrows, and decals with inspiring quotes work well for this purpose.

Living room wall art stickers can create fun focal points and allow you to change up the room over time as the family’s needs and tastes evolve. As an affordable and non-permanent option, they offer flexibility that other types of wall art may not.

Maximise Natural Light

Take advantage of any natural light your living room gets by using sheer curtains, opening windows, and keeping window treatments light and airy. Position furniture to make the most of the sunlight throughout the day and add mirrors and reflective surfaces to bounce light around on gloomy days. The right lighting can make the room feel warm and tranquil so don’t neglect this step – it makes a huge difference.

Living room wall stickers are a fun and inexpensive way to update tired walls and create an inviting, family friendly space. While durable materials, organised storage, strategic lighting, and personalised details are the keys to designing a living room everyone in the family can happily enjoy. With some creativity and smart functional choices, your living room can become a true homey haven.


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