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Easy folk art pen holder

I have been making good use of using these colourful Polish folk art napkins in my upcycling projects - as I still have lots left over from my staircase project I decided to ty something else.

I bought three packs of napkins from Folkstar a couple of months ago and I get a lot of interest when I post pictures with them in. I have used the Lowisz and Rooster designs these work out at about £1.40 per pack. Folkstar are based in Poland but ship to the UK and their prices are so cheap that it is worth doing a bulk order to justify the postage.

We had just used up a big tin can of baked beans and I had decided that I would keep it to use for something.

The napkins fold out so you end up with 4 sections - so technically, I used half a napkin to cover the tin. I cleaned the tin thoroughly and dried it. I then mixed some PVA glue with water - to make a milky sort of consistency.

Next I used a paint brush and covered the outside of the tin with the PVA/water mix. Then carefully, using a dry paint brush - brush the napkins onto the tin - they will be very fragile so a gentle touch is necessary.

Mine would benefit from a coat of clear varnish just to protect it. I have used mine as a pen holder but it would also make a lovely plant pot.

There is really so much you can do with things that would normally be thrown into the recycling bin!

Polish folk roosters upcycled tin

Polish folk art rooster napkins


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