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Eco-friendly bowls, spoons and straws

Ad - we were gifted the bowls, spoons and straws for the purpose of this review.

With many of us making the switch from single-use plastics to more environmentally friendly materials - seeing how many eco-friendly products are now on offer makes me feel very happy. There are so many naturally sustainable materials out there that are not only reusable but beautiful too.

I have been kindly sent two beautifully crafted boho coconut bowls, two natural ebony spoons and a pack of bamboo straws from Jungle Culture. This is now taking our zero-waste journey up a level!

Jungle Culture -eco-friendly coconut bowls

The organic coconut bowls and spoons originate from Southern Vietnam where most of the world's coconuts are produced. Once these coconuts have been harvested for their oils - the shells, husks and trees are usually discarded and burned to make way for new crops. Making the shells into bowls and spoons not only recycles them but it also creates an income for local villagers - a win-win all round.

The coconut bowls are unique in colour and the natural pattern inside the bowls is polished so that it is beautifully smooth. The spoons are also beautifully crafted and a lovely dark colour.

Jungle Culture coconut bowl

Jungle Culture coconut bowl

We ditched plastic straws a long while ago favouring reusable metal straws but I have to say these bamboo straws are not only pleasing to look at but they're also durable and strong - and don't give you the brain freeze you may get from an icy drink through a metal straw. Jungle Straws are also handmade in Vietnam. No chemicals or pesticides are used during their production making them 100% organic and vegan-friendly. The straws come with a cute cleaning brush in either a jute pouch or a dainty cardboard box.

Jungle Straws bamboo straws

Jungle Straws bamboo straws

The company are official members of "1% for the Planet" - a global organisation that pledges 1% of their sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. They also donate to domestic and international grassroots and environmental groups making a big difference to local communities.

The bowls, spoons and straws are very attractive - giving a cool boho vibe to any home. As recommended, we rinsed the bowls and straws in warm soapy water before use. The bowls and spoons are not dishwasher or microwave safe so after use - these just need a gentle rinse in luke warm water. Do note the bowls and spoons should not be left to soak in water. The bamboo straws however, are dishwasher safe and the small cleaning brush ensure the inside gets a good scrub.

Jungle Straws bamboo straws

These deserve a place on our shelf as they are too pretty to go in the cupboard. On the website there are many other sustainable products to choose from and any of these would make lovely gifts.

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