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Every Home Needs Lampshades. Here’s How to Choose the Best Ones

Every room in your home should have adequate light, whether from natural or artificial sources. Lamps and lighting features are perfect for artificial light, but the problem is that looking at a naked light bulb is uncomfortable, and the light bulb looks out of place like this. This is why it is a good idea to get some lampshades for the different lights in your home. But, how do you choose the right ones? We explore below!

Diffuse Light by Using a Lampshade on a Floor Lamp

Many houses have floor lamps typically sitting in the corner. The issue is that these lamps can project light horizontally which ends up being very uncomfortable for those in the room. To prevent this, a homeowner should pick lampshades that ensure as much light as possible is forced downwards and upwards. By doing this, the light will bounce off the floor and ceiling and become part of the ambient light in the room.

If there is a seat nearby, the lamp's height can be adjusted and the right lampshades used to diffuse light. When doing this, a homeowner can use a gathered lampshade which bounces light off its insides to ensure someone sitting close by can have light for reading, for example, and protect those walking in the room from the bulb’s glare.

Ensure the Colours Match or Complement Those in the Room

Our eyes are very sensitive to shapes and colours, and this is why we notice things that are different shapes and colours very quickly. Your lampshades will stand out and feel like they do not fit if they do not match or complement the other colours in the room.

Apart from matching the other colours, the Ikat lampshades you choose should also match their function. If you want the light they cover to be focal points, you can select ones with bold colours. If you want them to complement the room, pick ones with subtle colours.

Complementing colours are especially important now that many homeowners are choosing a multi-colour and multi-texture decor approach. In these cases, you can consider the material in addition to the colour. For example, you can get pleated silk lampshades from That Rebel House that will look great with most modern interior design options and palettes.

Consider How the Lampshade Fits

In addition to thinking about how the lampshade looks, you also need to consider how it fits the space it will be used in. A bedside Ikat lampshade will have a smaller profile if the table it will sit on is small. A floor lamp that has a lot of space around it can look better with a larger ikat lamp shade that has a wider profile on it.

Ambience, Function or Both?

While most lightshades should be functional, you should also consider exactly how they function. For example, lightshades with light colours such as white diffuse more colour which means they will make the room look brighter.

Lampshades are great additions to homes where the homeowner wants to create a great ambience or direct the light in certain ways. While they are supposed to be functional, that does not mean they cannot look great while performing their functions.


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