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Five ways to relieve lockdown stress

Staying at home due to the coronavirus lockdown can be a deeply stressful experience. Mental health experts are warning of a second pandemic of mental health issues that may arise due to the stress of being locked down at home with seemingly no end in sight. You’ll likely have a lot of anxiety about what the future holds - Peters and May blog has some great advice to help you with this. While there is nothing that you can do about the wider situation (unless you are a politician reading this), there are ways that you can manage your own mental health.

Some of the best options are to focus on new hobbies and fun pastimes that can help to relieve the more stressful elements of lockdown. Read on for five crucial ways.

Try CBD Products

Having risen in popularity due to more relaxed guidelines than strict cannabis products — smoking marijuana, after all, still remains illegal in the UK and many other countries— using CBD oil can be a smart way to relax after a stressful day. It has many potential health benefits, including relieving depression and anxiety, reducing the chances of developing heart disease, and is even thought to be good at preventing acne. CBD oil can be taken in various forms including gummy bears as well as the oil drops. For a great CBD oil option, why not check out the services available at

Take Up Reading

Reading is an easy way to transport yourself to a completely different world from the one that you are in. It's especially useful if you have lockdown-induced insomnia. Simply by turning those pages, you might find yourself in a much better headspace in order to get to sleep. Don't worry how much you read! Even reading a small amount can be great for your mental health.

Binge a Television Series

The golden age of television might be over, but one of the best benefits of the more diverse media landscape is that it's practically impossible not to find something that will connect with you. Simply sign up for one of the many different streaming services that are now available and search for something great that will align with your interests.

Go for Long Walks

Even under strong lockdown guidance, there's nothing wrong or unhealthy with going for a long walk. Walking has been proven to reduce stress as well as provide a whole host of physical and mental benefits. Try and make sure that you get out once or twice a day; if you lack the impetus to walk a lot, a great option is to get a dog that will inspire you to be walking for at least one or two hours a day. Just remember, a dog is for life, not just for lockdown.

Stop Watching the News

In moments of crisis, it can only be natural to watch television or constantly read news updates. Nonetheless, simply by watching the news, you won't be able to control these events occurring with or without your input; what it will do, however, is increase your stress levels. This is especially true now when it can feel like the only news out there is rather negative. Turn the television off, stop reading the news live feeds, and make sure to immerse yourself in some relaxing habits instead.


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