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Getting that hygge autumn feeling

*Collaborative post*

We all talk about our favourite seasons and autumn is one of mine for sure. It's time to get cosy, dig out the chunky knit blankets, light the spiced candles and snuggle indoors with hot soup and fresh bread. It is a great time to think about adding some touches to your decor at home too to give those gorgeous Scandi hygge feels that we all love.

There are plenty of ways to add a little warmth, be it with colours of textures.

Blankets and throws

Add that extra warmth to your sofa with a knitted blanket or throw. Autumnal colours like mustard, copper and burgundy wok really well, as do tartan blankets to add a cosy feeling.


If you have hardwood flooring like we do - adding a rug by the sofa or under a coffee table, or if you are lucky enough to have a fire place - in front of the fire, will give an extra sense of luxury. Patterned rugs or sheep skin rugs are my particular favourites.

Wall hangings

I am a big fan of macrame and have recently added two pieces to our wall. These wall hangings create a lovely little feature and add some texture to our gallery wall. We have also added a red mandala tapestry to our wall with some moon phase mirrors attached onto it.


Spiced candles, especially ones that are scented with cinnamon always remind me of autumn - they also add a beautiful glow to any room. I particularly love any that are in brown glass jars.

Faux foliage

Recently I have added some faux wisteria to our room. I would love to get some maple leaf and ivy garlands to string across the shelves, it would be a lovely touch to change the foliage to match the seasons.


Warm coloured fairy lights or Eddison style bulbs certainly add to the ambience of a room. It can create a calming mood for the darker evenings that are coming.

Keeping walls as neutral colour means you can make little changes throughout the year by adding different accessories.


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