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Gifts for kawaii and anime fans

*I am an Etsy affiliate, I will earn a small amount of commission from any purchases through these links at no cost to the buyer*

I live with three anime fans. I'm talking hardcore, watch anime every day kinda fans. As well as Studio Ghibli mine watch series such as Demon Slayer and my husband loves Attack on Titan. They also draw anime and love all things Japanese. So I have put together a gift guide that should please the kawaii and anime fans.

The perfect t-shirt for lucky cat, sushi and ramen fans. We are loving this Kawaii Neko Manga Anime Shirt. It comes in a range of the colours and there are loads of other options on the sellers page.

A bit of a splurge but this LED neon sign, gives off the same effect as a real glass neon sign. The lucky cat is a favourite but again there are many designs to choose from.

I actually bought one of these for my son, the Totoro changes colours and looks very effective. It is plugged in via a USB cable and is made of clear acrylic that has been etched on. The Totoro is great but there are lots of other anime characters to choose from.

We love this No Face money box from Spirited Away. The mouth opens up to swallow your coins!

This super cute gift box includes:

💮 Ramen noodles

💮 Mogu Mogu Lychee, Apple or Strawberry drink

💮 Yan Yan biscuit sticks

💮 Strawberry Hello Panda or Strawberry Pocky biscuits

💮 Strawberry Jelly Pudding

💮 Strawberry Mini Cream Wafers, Strawberry Victory Pie or Choco Pie

💮 Fruit Mochi

💮 2 Strawberry Milk candies

💮 3 Strawberries and Cream or Cola candies

💮 2 Haw Flakes or pink candy/chews

Boba or bubble tea as we call it is a favourite here. You can create your own from this kit that includes. Mango Jelly Grape Jelly Green Apple Jelly Lychee Jelly Blueberry Boba Raspberry Boba Peach Boba Strawberry Boba

Demon slayer | character ankle socks

Super cute ankle length socks featuring characters from the ultra popular anime Demon Slayer!

My husband loves Attack on Titan and these hoodies come in all different colours.

We love these Studio Ghibli Themed Sticky Notes. There are two styles to choose from:


♨️Spirited Away

Super cool enamel pin of the deadly Squid Game Red Light Green Light doll.

Compared to the traditional gas-filled tube neon signs, these consume less electricity so are more environmental friendly & safer to use. I am loving the ramen sign, have a browse through some of the other designs.

Set of three Forest Spirit pins from the studio Ghibli movie Princess Mononoke.

Who'd have thought they'd have anime inspired wax melts! This Anteiku Blend is a strong sweet scent capturing notes of caramel, coffee, vanilla and a hint of almond.

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Gifts for kawaii and anime fans


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