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Gifts for people who love crystals

*This post contains affiliate links for Etsy, I earn a small amount of commission from each sale at no cost to the buyer*

I have been collecting crystals since I was a kid, my son now has a pretty impressive collection himself. If you know a certain someone who loves crystals here are some prefect gift ideas:

This 10” crescent moon wall shelf is a beautiful way to display your crystals, essential oils, small knick-knacks and little plants.

Crescent Moon display shelf crystals

Restore positivity and balance by harnessing the all-natural energising properties of the crystal stone. These water bottles come in many styles, containing various crystals of your choice

Crystal bamboo water bottles

Get your own personalised crystal set! When purchasing tell the owner a bit about yourself and they will choose the perfect crystals for you.

Crystal gift set

Hand-poured scented candle with real rose buds, petals, biodegradable glitter, Amethysts and Moonstones to promote natural healing.

Moonstone crystal candle

Each Bismuth crystal is fresh water cleansed and lovingly charged with Reiki energy to enhance the natural metaphysical properties.

bismuth crystal

Use this beautiful handmade smudging feather to gently fan the smoke during your smudging ceremony. Gently encourage the cleansing smoke through the air to help it get into all the corners of the room.

smudging feathers

Guaranteed authentic and Fair trade, harvested in the Amazon Jungle in Peru. These sticks are hand split from whole logs. They do not use any machines to process our Palo Santo.

Palo Santo mini sticks

Beautifully packaged in a slide out box, which contains incense sticks wrapped in a brown paper bag, tied with rope string and presented with a complementary feather.

Native Soul incense

Beautiful natural fluorite point. A great addition to your living space or as a gift to friends and family. Fluorite is said to absorb and neutralise negative energy. It increases concentration and aids in decision making.

Rainbow flourite points

Labradorite is considered one of the most powerful protectors it creates a shield for auras and protects against negativity of the world. Labradorite also tempers the negativity within ourselves as well.

labradorite palm stone

I hope you have found some useful shops on here - there are plenty of great local sellers and it always helps to support small businesses.

gifts for people who love crystals

All pictures are saved from Etsy.


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