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How to accessorise a bohemian kitchen

If you are like me, you're probably a huge fan of folk or bohemian style. I am talking about the hand painted, colourful, floral style you'll see on a gypsy caravan, a canal boat or the folk art styles you'll find in Europe and India. In this pot I have found lots of folk style accessories that will bring your kitchen to life.

*These are items can be found on Etsy, I am an Etsy affiliate which means I can earn a small amount of commission through any sales made through these links as no cost to the buyer*

Scandinavian Oven gloves

This shop sells beautiful folk style printed kitchen textiles including oven gloves, tea towels and aprons. They are based in Brighton and I have bought from them previously and really rate the quality.

boho kitchen folk oven gloves

boho kitchen folk tea towel

Hello Print, Welcome Home, Folk Floral

'Hello!' is an A4 illustrated print which is part of the Folk Forest Collection.

A colourful greetings print inspired by Swedish folk art and decorative sign writing, the dark background of this print makes the bright colours stand out.

Printed in Norwich on heavyweight G.F Smith Accent Callisto this print has a high quality finish, a nice weight and slight texture to the paper surface.

Hello folk print

The detail in the design of this bowls is beautiful - I was lucky enough to find one in a charity shop. These come in rich and vibrant shades of yellow red, blue, orange, green and black.

Turkish painted bowls

Mojave Stoneware Terracotta Ceramic Mug

This large ombre glazed mug is finished in natural tones with a textured base. Designed so that every mug is slightly different and therefore completely unique, each one has a band of reactive glaze where the textured base meets the coloured upper section.

Stainless Steel Enamel Fair Trade Homeware

This company is supplied by a lady I have bought from before. The enamelware is hand painted by Kashmiri artisans to bring you the most durable, practical, sustainable and beautifully hand painted picnic/camping/home and garden enamelware.

Direct from Kashmir, India, each unique item is intricately painted using a free hand style by an older-generation of incredibly talented and traditional artists who work from the comfort of their own homes.

I have four mugs, two jugs, a colander and a tiffin box which I have bought over the years. I take the mugs whenever we go camping and get lots of compliments.

boho enamel bowls

boho painted kitchen butter dish

boho painted kitchen tins

They also sell Pakistani truck art serving spoons.

Natural Wooden Masala/Spice Box

This wooden showpiece is handcrafted by skilled artisans from India.

Designed with ceramic drawers which are adorned with eye-catching designs. This could be used to store your spices in. The shop also sell many other bohemian delights.

boho spice box

Vintage Indian Wall Hanging Arched Shelf

I love this Vintage Indian wall hanging arched shelf made from antique reclaimed teak wood. It has been salvaged from an Indian building and this shop sells many vintage salvaged finds. Perfect as a little display shelf.

vintage Indian boho display shelf

Kaushalam Hand Painted kitchen wear

Hand Painted Tea pots, cups and other pretties from studio “Kaushalam” by Mrinalika Jain from India. The teapots are fabulous - painted in Rajasthan’s miniature art and inspired by Mughal art patterns. The designs are a mix of floral and mash ( Jali) pattern.

boho painted tea pot kettle

boho painted tiffin enamel folk

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Bohemian kitchen accessories

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