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Installing Solar Panels for Your Commercial Property in the UK

Have you considered switching to solar energy? Nowadays, a large number of commercial property owners have ceased being completely reliant on the commercial power grid mainly due to the fluctuating electric rates. Sudden price increases add business uncertainty.

Businesses deciding to use such alternative power can receive an excellent return on investment in a short period. There is a myriad of Commercial Solar Panel installers UK experts, helping businesses reduce their electricity costs.

These are the main reasons why commercial property owners should consider installing such panels.

It’s Time to Look Into Solar Panels for Your Commercial Business

Commercial property owners in the UK can look into four types of panels available on the market, including monocrystalline, polycrystalline, PERC, and thin-film models. Monocrystalline panels are manufactured from a single pure silicon crystal, which makes them the longest-lasting model of all kinds but, at the same time, the costliest one.

Polycrystalline panels come from multiple silicon crystals, not just one. The fragments are melted and then poured into a mould in the shape of a square. They are more affordable but less energy-efficient. In contrast, PERC panels are considered an improvement of the traditional monocrystalline cells. These are the perfect alternative for limited spaces.

Moreover, thin-film cells are characterized by fine thin layers that provide enough flexibility. They are made from materials like cadmium telluride, amorphous silicon, and copper indium gallium selenide. Their energy efficiency is two to three per cent lower compared to crystalline silicon. In any case, the variety of commercial solar panels for your business is wide, and you should let the professionals assist you with the choice.

Enjoy lower operating costs

It is worth considering commercial solar panels for your UK commercial property due to the possibility of reducing operating costs. On average, commercial property owners in the UK spend thousands of pounds on electricity bills a month, which can drop significantly after the installation of a solar system. One of the major overhead expenses for businesses is the cost of electric energy. Check out this definition of operating costs.

The switch to solar power can reduce the electrical bills of businesses by as many as three quarters. Commercial property owners should determine the exact goal they intend to achieve, which is to reduce commercial power grid dependency or become self-sufficient. By becoming self-sufficient, your business will be immune to inflation and billing spikes.

Lower carbon footprint

Another reason to consider such panel installation for your commercial property in the UK is the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint. The majority of customers have become environmentally responsible and expect the same attitude from businesses. The use of energy systems allows businesses to fulfil this requirement.

Moreover, even small systems have the capacity to lower the emissions of carbon. Such an investment has a great potential for environmental returns. At the same time, your business will attract customers that are devoted to sustainability efforts. The following link,, explains how solar power can cut your bills and carbon footprint.

Aim for energy independence

Another reason to consider commercial solar panel installation is the energy independence gained by businesses. By making such an investment, you can significantly reduce or entirely eliminate the dependency on your local power grid company. Apart from saving plenty of money on overhead costs, you’ll gain a more dependable supply of electricity regardless of what occurs to the commercial grid.

Furthermore, commercial power failure seems to be a huge problem in many areas. For instance, those working in power-sensitive industries cannot tolerate an electrical supply lapse. Power interruptions tend to occur during severe storms. Nevertheless, by relying on your solar system, you won’t have to worry about such scenarios.

In addition, solar energy provides the option for electricity storage through a battery. Consequently, your business will be provided with backup power during the night. In recent times, governments have supported the trend of energy independence by offering beneficial tax incentives for businesses installing such panels. Consequently, you’ll take advantage of the tax benefits as well.

The bottom line

Solar power is entirely green and capable of reducing carbon footprint.

Do yourself and the environment a huge favour!


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