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Is It Best to Click Vinyl or Glue Down Vinyl?

This question is asked whenever anyone is presented with vinyl flooring, but the truth is that there are two options on luxury vinyl flooring - also known as luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) - and they are a choice between glue-down tiles or click-together planks.

Whilst both are waterproof and offer similar attributes when it comes to satisfaction, they have different requirements when fitting to the floor. Depending on the subfloor, one may be better suited than the other so it's important to consider that.

Glue Down

There are a few requirements and measures that need to be taken before installing the glue-down method.

Having the benefit of being a cost-effective alternative to clicking together planks, you will need to make certain that the existing subfloor is all flat. You may end up requiring a professional to install this method which would require more spending. However, if the room is a high-traffic area such as a kitchen it is considered a much more suitable option.

An adhesive will be required to provide the flooring with its stability and keep its natural appearance, making sure that furniture will not leave a heavy indent. Adhesive choices depend on the room you choose, as some areas will require additional consideration.

Click Together

This is a preferred option for those wanting a no-fuss installation and can be done by those inexperienced with flooring with ease.

Without the need for adhesives, panels such as Invictus flooring require no tools and can be simply put in place. As this is slightly more expensive than a glue-down choice, you save money on not requiring a professional installer due to its relative ease. Being the preferred choice in vinyl flooring and retaining its popularity is down to its simple installation as it is its moisture resistance - along with its easy-clean design.

As a weekend DIY project anyone can do and not require the cost of the extra adhesive to make the flooring stay in place, the click design has been the choice for many households and commercial properties.

Which Is Better

As with any choice, it's important to view the pros and cons of each product.

Whilst both provide more scratch resistance than real hardwood, vinyl can scratch from heavier and sharper objects. However, sections are easy to replace which makes it a cost-effective option and it can be avoided by fitting felt pads to furniture feet. If temperatures in the room fluctuate then the glue down vinyl flooring method is a preferred option as the adhesive will prevent the flooring from expanding and rising over time. This is not an issue for plank flooring in a temperature-controlled room.

Click-together vinyl allows for an underlay to be fitted underneath giving a more comfortable option than glue down. As a perfect partner for underfloor heating systems, both methods offer year-round comfort and cosiness.

With vinyl flooring, you certainly have a great quality product no matter your installation method, and with a warranty that tends to last upwards of 20 years, it will certainly provide the lasting look you are looking for.

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29 Ιουλ 2022

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