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Life lately - lockdown 2020

I am writing these posts for my own memories - kind of like a diary of the weirdest year ever.

It has now been 12 weeks since my children last went to school. It seems that my children, like many others, will not be going back to school until September. By the time September comes around they will have been at home for pretty much half of the year.

Would've ever thought?!

Homeschooling is not as easy as any of us thought it could be. In the first few weeks we all had much more enthusiasm for it. As time went by, the work coming in daily became a huge chore. We did our best but on the odd day we let it slip, we'd end up playing catch up.

As a family, we've been following the rules, we haven't been anywhere that we don't need to go to. Our trips out have only been to go for walks or to the supermarket.

I have enjoyed a slower pace of life but I have not enjoyed the uncertainty that surrounds everybody. If you are a freelance you will probably have experienced a drop in work coming in, I have. I am lucky to work part-time in a school, it doesn't earn me a huge amount as it is only a few hours a week but it means I have had some extra money coming in.

Working at a school during the pandemic is weird. To start with most schools probably had around 15 to 20 kids going in per day, these are the children of essential key workers or vulnerable children.

Three weeks ago, more year groups joined meaning all staff were due back to work. My children are not in the year groups who are returning, although myself and Lee are key workers I chose to keep my kids at home. I wanted to keep those key worker places for NHS and supermarket staff.

The kids at school seem happy. They are learning the same things your kids will be being set at home as well as having a lot of time outdoors. They have takeaway boxes of school dinners delivered to their classrooms, they eat at their desks. Their desks are then cleaned and the children go to play outside, remaining in their bubbles. Bubbles are the groups that the children stay with in school. There are 10 children in my bubble.

Bubbles are not supposed to mix with other bubbles. At lunchtime the field has been sectioned off into zones with tape. The kids are not to leave their area - and they are all trying so hard as it is impossible to stay 2 metres apart in a school setting.

As I sit here now, I have thankfully completed some freelance work. It is 10.30am and I will hand over the computer to one of my kids to see what work they have been set today, then the next person will have their turn and then the next.

I am also hoping we will be allowed to visit my Nan today, she fell over at home a month ago and broke her hip. She has not been allowed visitors but yesterday my Mum was allowed to wave at her through the hospital window. She should be allowed to come home this week but it would be nice to be able to go and wave and boost her morale. At 93, this is her first ever stay in hospital and to be stuck there for a month without visitors just sucks.

All non-essential shops are opening today - not that we are planning to go shopping yet - I heard in the news that people have been queuing all morning for shopping centre car parks.

That's the other thing, the news. It always seems to be bad and causes upset and anger. I briefly watch it in the morning and that's all. Social media is also a place for argument right now. Again, it isn't doing my head any good, so I try to only use it when I am working.

More restrictions are started to be lifted - let's see what next week will bring.


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