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Living room progress

[Collaborative post]

As I have mentioned in previous posts, our living room is a work in progress. We update little areas every couple of months and it is always on a small budget so this means DIY and searching for bargains.

It has had quite a huge transformation over the years - from a separate living area with a tiny kitchen, to an open plan living and kitchen area.

The solid wood flooring has changed from beech, to dark wood to grey wood. The walls have gone from aqua, to beige, to midnight blue and white - giving the space a much more modern touch.

We have taken down the old shelving that we had had up for 15 years, instead adding some 3 tiered wooden shelves which are hung with ropes and we have moved our gallery wall around. This has made a huge difference to the feel of the room.

I bought some stems of artificial wisteria and these have been draped across the shelves so that they hang down. In the corner of the room we now have a hanging hammock chair, I like to call this the zen corner.

Our next project to do in the living room is to re-cover our sofa bed. I love teal and blue colours (it is currently black) so we are looking at buying some fabric and a staple gun and some dacron wadding to attempt to do this ourselves.

The next area that will need some tender loving care is the staircase and the landing. It's never ending.......


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