My love of Polish Folk Art

Anyone who knows me well, or follows me on Instagram, will see I have a love of Polish Folk Art, so I thought I would share some of the things I have bought recently as I get asked a lot about where I get my things from.

One site that I have ordered from is Folkstar - it is based in Poland just outside of Warsaw, they ship to the UK (postage is around £11 though) but everything else is really cheap.

I ordered a few things including 3 rolls of wrapping paper, 3 packs of napkins, a box of matches, oven gloves and temporary tattoos. The package arrived within about 2 weeks of ordering. I love the Polish floral design and the rooster pattern. The tattoos were £1.40 and the wrapping paper £1.80 a roll which I have used as the background below.

Polish folk floral temporary tattoo

I bought the napkins to experiment with decoupage, I have made a start but will write a separate post about this. Here is a little glimpse.

I ordered my Polish folk face mask from Etsy (affiliate link) - this was also from Poland but arrived very quickly and I get lots of compliments on it. Plus it is super comfortable.

My dresses are second hand - both bought on eBay (originally from Zara). I tend to search for embroidered tops and just see what style takes my fancy. I have got some real bargains!

I hope this is useful? If you buy a mask through my Etsy link I earn a small amount of commission at no cost to the buyer.

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