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Redecorating our living area on a budget

*Collaborative post*

Our living room has gone through a few transformations over the years. As it now doubles up as our bedroom we have been desperately trying to declutter and give it a more modern look whilst keeping it functional.

One thing we don't have is a big budget, often upcycling old furniture to fit in with our decor. I have shared previously how I upcycled this second-hand table and chairs. We replaced our flooring two years ago - it is a pale grey colour and we love it. It is carried through into the kitchen area.

The end walls have been painted midnight blue with framed prints to make it look more modern. My next task is to repaint the large wall white. It is looking grubby and needs a few picture holes filling. This means I will need to take down the mirror, shelves and all the pictures but it will be nice to have a re-jig!

There is one TV unit that is not really needed anymore so I am going to add it to Freecycle - this will leave space for something I have always wanted - a hammock chair! I have ordered one and it should arrive next week.

Another area that has been neglected is the stair case. I have so many ideas about how to decorate the stairs. Again we have used laminate boards but I would love grey solid wood to match everywhere else.

I would love the actual steps to look colourful so I am planning to experiment with some decoupage to add some pattern, I have ordered some napkins to experiment with, again I am hoping these arrive next week.

Decoupage is a cheap way to add some interest to furniture or even to old doors. So fingers crossed over the summer break I will start to tick some of these jobs off.

Do you have any decorating plans?


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