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Should you add a second bathroom in your home?

Adding a second bathroom may be the least of your worries when it comes to home renovations. If there’s already an existing one, why add another?

For big houses with big families, this may be a reasonable installation to consider. But for modern houses or flats, it’s not the first thing that comes to mind—especially when you’re tight on budget.

Before adding another bathroom in the household, you need to weigh two things: the need versus the cost. Read on to assess whether or not your home needs an extra loo.

Costs of a Bathroom Installation

Bathroom installations don’t come cheap. The lowest cost will likely amount to £2,400, but that is if they’re done in an existing area in a home. If a bathroom needs to be installed from scratch, the cost can amount to £20,000.

Then, there’s the cost of additional bathroom installations, such as a new tub or shower. Meanwhile, installing a toilet can cost somewhere around £400. That’s not to mention the cost of the toilet itself and the hourly rate for hiring plumbers and electricians.

Another potential thing to consider are building permit costs and legal requirements involved in the project. It’s best to consult a local building authority to make sure your installation follows the laws in your state.

Benefits of Installing a New Bathroom

Huge houses aren’t the only ones that can benefit from multiple bathrooms. In fact, having an extra can benefit your small space in more ways than one.

Pic source: Pixabay

Easier Everyday Use

Installing a second bathroom simply makes home living easier. Peak times of the day, such as early morning before going to work, can create long queues outside the bathroom. Getting another bathroom eliminates that problem—so you don’t get rushed or late to school or work.

Adds Privacy

Privacy is a major benefit that comes with having a second bathroom, especially when kids are around. Having a separate bathroom for the parents and their children helps both parties relax in their own private area.

Covers Emergency Situations

Imagine when the only toilet clogs or the shower breaks. This leaves everyone in an awkward situation until help arrives. Having a second bathroom will give peace of mind, knowing you get a backup in case you’re stuck in sticky situations.

Accommodates Growing Families

It pays to think years ahead in the future when building a home. Couples starting out their own family may not find the need to put up a second bathroom, but the need can arise when they start growing their family. It’s best to build a second bathroom early on to avoid future costs.

Adds Resale Value

A second bathroom increases the asking price of a property when homeowners decide to sell it in the future. This is about getting the investment back if the second bathroom is inside a bedroom.

Best Areas to Add a Second Bathroom

Pic source: Pixabay

Thinking of adding another bathroom in your crib? Make sure it’s placed in a strategic location. Common areas to consider include the following:

  • Bedroom—it’s most useful to install a bathroom in a bedroom. It’s always a good idea to have an accessible bathroom in a private space. Particularly, adding an extra bathroom in the master’s bedroom increases your home’s value.

  • Laundry room—extra space in the laundry room can make a great additional bathroom in the home. After all, the area already has access to water and drainage, so installation won’t be a pain in the neck.

  • Basement—installing a basement bathroom is a genius idea, especially if it’s revamped for everyday use. However, it can get tricky. Make sure to know the basics of basement bathroom installation before starting the project. A tough gray water pump makes shower addition for the bathroom possible.

  • Garage—garages usually have a lot of extra space, which are perfect to use as an additional bathroom. First-floor garages are a more convenient option, as they are often close to areas with drainage and water source.

  • Corridors—a long hallway can be cut off to accommodate a new bathroom, especially if it’s not used very much. It’s best to convert a space where a window is available. A corridor makes a great bathroom area since it’s easily accessible to everyone in the home.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

When deciding whether to install another bathroom, make sure the benefits outweigh the costs. Find options that won’t break the bank, such as getting a macerating toilet to avoid major construction costs. Better yet, consult a plumber or building expert to get expert advice.


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