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Silent Fall at Superblue London

If like me, you have been hoping to get tickets to Yayoi Kusama's infinity room at the Tate, but always miss out, have no fear there is another infinity room at Superblue by the Royal Academy in Piccadilly. Artist duo AA Murakami have put together Silent Fall an immersive, magical forest of mechanical trees that release bubbles full of fog which have nature inspired scents such as moss inside.

Silent Fall opened last week and is staying in London until the summertime of 2022. You get to spend 15 minutes inside the mirrored infinity room, which is actually plenty of time. You will need to book a time slot when you buy your tickets, as you arrive you will be given a glove to wear so you can easily handle the bubbles as they fall. Being an infinity room, it is very dark inside, and it is surrounded by mirrors so do take care inside as it can be pretty disorientating!

The large mist-filled bubbles plop out from the pipes of the white metal "trees" at intervals, they are pretty easy to catch in your gloved hand. The lights do go out and change colour from a grey/blue to an orange colour so there are a few seconds of pitch darkness. The mist inside the bubbles is scented although it is hard to smell it fully when wearing a face mask.

The floor is grooved so it isn't slippery in there and there is ethereal style music playing to add to the ambience. There were small toddlers in there, all seemed to be loving the bubbles but if they are nervous of the dark, then this may not be a great choice for little ones.

Personally, I found it really mesmerising - £12 may seem like a steep price for 15 minutes, I'll give you that - but for me this was a whole new experience and I loved it.

Superblue London is located on Burlington Gardens, adjacent to the Royal Academy of Arts, and is accessible by bus or tube via the Green Park and Piccadilly Circus stations.


Tuesday-Thursday Adult – £12 online (£15 walk-in) Student (with ID) – £9 online (£12 walk-in) Senior (60+) – £9 online (£12 walk-in) Child (ages 3-12) – £9 online (£12 walk-in) Children under 3 do not require a ticket.

Friday-Sunday Adult, Student, Senior, Child – £14.50 online (£17.50 walk-in) Children under 3 do not require a ticket.


Tuesday-Thursday: 10am – 7pm Friday-Sunday: 10am – 8pm Closed Mondays

Silent Fall at Superblue London


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