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Simple Ways to Treat IBS on a Budget

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a complex stomach disorder that a large proportion of the world population experiences. It also cannot be cured by one type of medication or by cutting out a few food items. This gastric problem causes uncomfortable cramps, bloating, pain, and other unpleasant symptoms. For many people, their IBS isn’t very severe, and they lead a mostly normal life. But, for others, this is a lifelong condition.

When you have a medical condition to contend with, it can be tough to treat it if you are a bit low on cash flow, looking out for money saving codes such as a Total Restore coupon could be one way to save. Luckily, for those of you struggling, a few home remedies and cost-effective treatment options do exist.

Change Your BMI

A common side effect of IBS is inflammation. When your body is given food that triggers a response, you will be more bloated and retain water very easily. Changing your BMI requires work to not only lose fat but gain muscle. This is what’s known as body recomposition, i.e., burning some fat while turning a lot of it into pure muscle.

Changing your diet is no easy feat either. If it was simple, everyone would already be in good shape. It’s going to take far more effort to work with the right diet plan for IBS. A lot of people find benefits from following a paleo diet because it cuts out these triggers and is an affordable gluten free diet plan that is also free from grains and most dairy. It can help reduce inflammation and lose stubborn fat. Cutting out these foods will also save on your weekly grocery budget because you’ll be sticking to whole foods and healthy fibre. You could try a gut health supplement such as Gundry MD Bio Complete 3. This is meant to help support the health of your gut lining with a blend of prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics.

Spot the Signs of Flares

An IBS flare-up is when your body reacts particularly badly to food pathogens and causes worsening symptoms. It can happen if you consume too many of your trigger foods over a short period. The best way to get on top of this is to spot the signs of a flare and identify your trigger foods. The most common triggers are dairy, grains, corn, gluten, and sugar.

Symptoms of an IBS flare are different for everyone. You might feel more nauseous and vomit rather than sit on the toilet for hours. You may just have intense stomach pains. Either way, you need to work on good nutrition to control your IBS Flare Up symptoms.

Use Simple Ingredients

During an IBS episode, you should work to avoid food and drink that will make your symptoms worse. Natural remedies are the best option to help calm down your system. Peppermint essential oil can be rubbed on your stomach, and also your temples if one of your symptoms is headaches. It works great as tea as well. Other options for herbal tea for IBS are anise, chamomile, lavender, and turmeric. Tea is cheap for a full month’s supply.

Get extra fibre in your diet, such as oatmeal and beans. These will get your stomach working and may relieve some painful effects. Alternatively, add some psyllium husk seeds to your morning cereal. It binds any liquids in your stomach so that you can pass your bowels more easily.

IBS doesn’t have to rule your life. With simple changes and avoiding trigger food and drink you can safely manage your IBS with fewer side effects and keep it affordable.

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