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Small eco-friendly changes we've made over the last year

*This is not sponsored, I pay for all of my subscriptions. The red links contain a referral for each brand that could save us both money*

With all of us spending so much time indoors over the last year it gave me time to sit back and think about making some small changes to become more eco-friendly. I am the one in our family who does the majority of the shopping and as I don't drive it often means lugging bulky items home on foot. The first lockdown last March made me do a bit of online searching for things that would not only help me out but would also help the environment too. Here are a few eco-friendly brands who I highly recommend.


I made the swap to use Smol laundry capsules a while back now after ordering a box for a free trial. Smol deliver a box through your letterbox, the packaging is compostable/recyclable cardboard (no plastic at all). I get 24 biological capsules fortnightly which costs £4.50 and is debited straight from my bank account. You can cancel, pause or modify your order online easily. I placed my first order in March 2020 and according to Smol I have helped save 1.5kg of plastic, 3.9kg of chemicals and saved myself £66.43. Smol also do dishwasher tablets, fabcon and have just launched refillable surface sprays.


During the first lockdown in March 2020 I ordered a large box of fruit and vegetables from a local company, unfortunately they stopped delivering and I looked into Oddbox who at the time weren't delivering to Surrey. In November 2020, after realising they do deliver to our area, I signed up for a half-price, large fruit and vegetable box (there are smaller sizes available) for overnight delivery. I was so impressed that I have continued to get a fortnightly box delivered ever since. It costs me £19.99 per fortnight and the large box is delivered overnight on a Friday, the box is left on our doorstep, so it is a nice surprise to wake up to on a Saturday morning. The thing I enjoy about it is that I get produce that is not only fresh but it is saved from going to waste. All of the fruit and veg is surplus, odd shaped, too big or too small or the wrong colour. We've had some absolutely huge apples and carrots! I also love receiving things that I wouldn't necessarily buy such as persimmons, celeriac and beetroot. It is great value for a family of five and their is minimal packaging, it literally just arrives in a cardboard box. They currently only deliver across London and the South East but it is well worth it.

I have an Oddbox referral code which will give you £10 off your first box and me £10 off my next box. You can end or change your subscription at any time.

Who Gives a Crap

I am currently waiting on my first delivery from Who Gives a Crap which is a toilet roll subscription box. With us all being indoors we get through a lot of loo roll. I'd actually heard about the brand over a year ago and was considering signing up but didn't. These guys donate 50% of the profits to build toilets in countries like Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, Kenya and India. The toilet paper is 100% recycled, double length rolls and is 3-ply so super soft. The eco-friendly rolls are wrapped in recycled colourful paper (I've heard people save it and use it for wrapping paper) and delivered to your door in a cardboard box. I have gone for 48 rolls every 2 months, being a family of 5 I think these double length rolls should last but if not I can easily change my order online. This works out at £4.50 a week. I have a referral link also where we can both get £5 off if you sign up for your first order.


Our first order of 48 rolls was delivered in February and we are still using them in May. I have changed our subscription to come every 14 weeks which works out at £2.57 per week for a family of five!


I made the switch to Bulb for our electric at the end of 2017. Bulb's motto is Simpler, Greener, Cheaper. We have saved so much over the last two years and also had a smart metre fitted so we can see exactly how much electricity we use daily. Their website is amazingly easy to navigate and their customer service is excellent, I was in credit as I had been overpaying each month and after a quick email I was able to have the money refunded to my bank account. Everybody who signs up gets a benefit, if I refer a friend we'll each get £50 if you switch your electricity and gas over to Bulb, or £25 if you just switch electricity or gas. Here's my Bulb referral link if anyone is interested.

iCollect Clothes

Like most people we had a good clear out of cupboards over the last year. As charity shops remained closed and most weren't taking donations I ordered a collection from iCollect Clothes. They provide a free pick-up service and the funds from the donated items go directly to a chosen charity. They collect clean clothing, paired shoes, bed linen, towels, accessories, books, DVDs, soft toys and even small electrical items. It is easy to arrange a collection and if for some reason they can't make it they will call or email to rearrange. During Covid-19 they ask that you leave the bagged items outside for them to collect. Once collected you will receive an email to say they have been. I have used the service three times in the last year.

I'm always happy to hear from anybody who has any other tips on brands and other zero waste products to try out. Feel free to send me a message.


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