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Summer Lights at Canary Wharf London

The summer holidays are starting to draw to an end, but there is still a couple of days left to see the Summer Lights at Canary Wharf. The display has been on show since Tuesday 21 June and will be on until Saturday 20 August, 2022. Canary Wharf is dotted by beautifully designed, outdoor installations that are enhanced by the play of natural light and this unique light event was launched on the summer solstice to celebrate light in its most natural form.

Eleven new installations, as well as 6 permanent pieces, are dotted around Canary Wharf for you to discover. We reached Canary Wharf via London Bridge, it is just a quick journey on the DLR. We met up with some of our relatives and took a little wander about. Here are a few of the installations that we saw.

Pointillist Bird by Yoni Alter, Wren Landing

Yoni Alter has taken inspiration from the pointillist movement of the 1880s characterised by the painting technique of applying small dots of paint to build up the whole picture. Here, 98 colourful translucent discs are suspended in mid-air to form a 3-meter-wide magnificent pointillist bird. By casting colourful shadows, the bird transforms the area, making for a magical experience.

Helix by Calidos, Cabot Square

Helix is a conceptual representation of the DNA chain, the basic structure of human life. The structure works with the natural elements: wind gently rotates the structure, whilst sunlight catches and highlights the multi-coloured, reflective metal.

Love Birds by Atelier Sisu, Jubilee Park

Love Birds is an immersive and naturally kinetic installation. Gliding above the audience, the colourful birds flutter in the wind, catching the sunlight and casting mesmerising shadows on the ground. Constructed from 100% carbon neutral Megara Polypropylene, the flock of birds spread a message about the power of a community coming together to confront an issue as one, whether that be overcoming a global pandemic, or tackling climate change.

Captivated by Colour by Camille Walala, Adams Plaza Bridge

Created for the first London Mural Festival in September 2020, local artist, Camille Walala designed colourful geometric shapes, playing with the long perspective of the tunnel. The design shows an optical pattern that shrinks and elongates as it moves across the panel of the bridge – creating a distorted effect as visitors pass through.

Gleamhhh by OGE Design Group, Cubitt Steps

Gleammhhh was created to actively create wonder, awe and satisfaction by harnessing the natural elements of sunshine and wind, creating colorful reflections and shadows whilst playing melodies from a music box. Entirely powered by nature – Gleammhhh will provide a moment of joy.

We also went up to the Crossrail roof garden to look at the plants. The beauty of the summer lights trail is that it is all free and will keep everybody busy looking around for all of the instalments.


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