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Surreal times - COVID-19

Gosh, it's hard to know what to say at the moment. We are currently trying to plod through as we always do - but who knows what will happen next? At the moment myself and my husband are still working - we both work in schools so - unless things change tomorrow, we will both continue to follow the guidelines. I am only there three lunchtimes a week but my husband is there full time. The kids who are in have been great and are really following the hand washing rules but obviously it's not going to be stopped in its tracks - let's face facts it seems most of us will get this virus or even may have had it.

One daughter will be off school tomorrow due to staff shortages, the other will be going in (this is the same school by the way). My son's school is still open but we have to check the website every morning.

It is hard to know what to do for the best isn't it? They say children are not affected badly by COVID-19 unless they have certain health issues. I am lucky that my kids don't - but what happens if they do get it, will it literally go by fairly unnoticed?

I work from home the rest of the week, I'm self employed and it has been much quieter than usual - my inbox has been eerily empty. The financial side of things is also a worry.

I usually shop daily as I don't drive and I am a 10 minute walk from a supermarket, our cupboard is never fully stocked as I buy things when we need them. The supermarket shelves were pretty bare this morning and this afternoon. They have been every day.

I'm using up what we have indoors but I won't lie as to being slightly concerned about the food situation. We live 3 minutes from a local corner shop so if we need bread, milk, tins and other basics we can pick things up - but who says that within a week his stock won't be running low too? Plus he is a lot more expensive than Morrisons.

Today I had a couple of hours to spare so I cleaned everything indoors, floors, windows, surfaces, handles - if anything it made me feel like I had done something positive.

The kids are unfazed which I am glad about and if the schools close, which I think is a matter of days away, we will do as we are told to do.

Why am I writing this? So I can look back on it and remember exactly how we were feeling at this time. It is such a surreal thing for the entire world to be going through together.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.......


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