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The benefits of daisy tea

As many of you who follow us will know, we are very keen foragers. There are many edible wild flowers in bloom at the moment including daisies, primroses and dandelions. You can make a medicinal tea from wild daisies, so we thought we would give it a try and see if it is palatable.

How to make daisy tea:

I know from experience that echinacea (part of the daisy family) is a blood purifier and wild daisies are too. They are also known to be good for coughs and inflammation as well as being good for your liver and kidneys.


So, whilst we were out walking the dog earlier we picked enough daisies to fill a small bowl. The daisies were boiled in a pan for around 10 minutes and left to steep. We then strained the liquid out with a small sieve into a cup. The tea is pale green in colour and has a sweet meadow smell to it.

It is not unpleasant to drink, it has a natural sweetness and to me had a taste of courgette or cucumber to it.

daisy tea

If you are into your herbal teas it is worth a try for sure, apparently you could drink up to three cups a day and it would be interesting to see if any benefit could be felt from it.

the benefits of daisy tea


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