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The new normal - Covid-19

These are posts for us to look back on - like a time capsule, a Covid-19 diary as it were.

We made it through the long slog of home-schooling and are now officially in the "summer holidays." Having no schedule is pretty nice. I don't work at the school during the holidays so I will continue to work from home. Work has quietened down even more for me but I am grateful for any that does come my way.

Myself and the kids took a bus ride to Croydon to go to the market. Face masks are mandatory on public transport now. Most of the people on the bus wore them, some didn't. Croydon is far busier than I thought it would be. Lots of people are out shopping - it was nice to be able to go to the market though and just have a change of scenery. We even went inside McDonalds, the one on Church Street was really well managed. We were asked if we wanted to eat-in (I didn't realise that we could) the tables are now distanced apart and they were limiting the number of people in there, it was the quietest McDonalds I have ever had.

Lee is working different hours throughout the summer holidays so it is nice to have him home during the day. We ventured out to a restaurant for the first time in a very long time for Lee's birthday last week. Meals out are rarity anyway, let alone during a pandemic. We had to book a table, we went for tapas, the tables are spaced out with plastic screens between them. We had to sign a book when we got there. Lots of people were eating out. It didn't feel unusual (apart from the fact that it is unusual for us to dine out as a family.)

We have finally painted our living room wall and filled in any holes, it is amazing what a fresh lick of white paint can do! We rearranged our gallery wall area and added some new shelves and artificial wisteria. It has made such a difference.

We've headed to the school twice to water the vegetables that are growing in the polytunnel. There is a huge amount of rocket growing in there and there will be a bumper crop of tomatoes.

I have so many ideas of things that I want to make at the moment. I love hats and want to buy a plain Fedora or Stetson and add my own embellishments to it. Seriously, my eBay wish list is full of ribbon, trim, brooches and feathers but I also realise that I need to be sensible with what money I earn at the moment.

Later this week we will head to the Kent coast to stay with my Dad and brother. It will be the first time leaving Surrey since February and it will again be great to see everybody and get some sea air.



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