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Tips for reducing anxiety as a parent

If you suffer from problems with anxiety, you already know how debilitating it can be. Anxiety can affect people in different ways, but it can have mental and physical effects that make day-to-day life hard. It’s important to find ways to address your anxiety—especially when you’re a parent. Parenting is a full-time job, and anxiety can get in the way of that. Here are some methods you can use to ease anxiety symptoms in the short term and the longer term.

Get More Sleep

Anxiety can cause sleeping problems, but poor sleep can also lead to increased anxiety—it’s a vicious circle. Sleep is so important for the body and the mind, so try to get a solid 8 hours of good-quality sleep.

It’s often hard for parents to drift off to sleep after a busy day, so try these techniques and see if you can get more sleep.

Try a Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets can help reduce anxiety and lead to better sleep. The extra pressure from the weight will put you in the right frame of mind for sleep, as your body will go into “rest mode,” slowing your heart rate and your breathing to help you drift off.


CBD’s popularity has exploded over the past couple of years, and many people claim that it can potentially help them fall asleep and stay asleep. Buy top-quality CBD oils and products and see if it makes a difference to your sleeping patterns. Check out for CBD capsules, oils, isolates, and other products. Always make sure you do research before you start using plant-based oils, such as terpenes, as some terpenes can be harmful. It's important to know what works for your body and how to use these products to your advantage.


If you’re feeling anxious, it can be difficult to switch off your thoughts before you go to bed. Practicing meditation and/or mindfulness can be hugely helpful for this.

There are numerous free guided meditation apps, videos, and downloadable tracks you can listen to that could help you banish intrusive thoughts and drift off to sleep more easily.

Try it for yourself.

Practice Yoga

A great way to wind down before bed is to practice yoga. Search online for free yoga videos that you can do before you go to sleep. Many of them end in a guided meditation in “Shavasana,” and people often fall asleep in this pose because it’s so relaxing.

Maintain a Healthy Body

If you want your mind to be healthy, you need to look after your body. A healthy body will give you the energy you need to look after your kids, and it can also work wonders for alleviating anxiety symptoms.

Eat Fruits and Veggies

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can boost your health in all sorts of ways. Some people claim that certain veggies can ease stress and anxiety. Even if this doesn’t work for you, eating a balanced diet will be good for your physical health, and this could reduce any health-related worries you have.

Exercise Daily

Exercise has been proven time and time again to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression and to improve overall mental health. It relieves tension, helps you sleep better, and gives you a rush of positivity by releasing endorphins.

Looking after your body will also do good things to your mind. Keep your anxiety symptoms at bay with these lifestyle changes so you can spend more time with your kids.


Sep 14, 2022

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Sambo Luy
Sambo Luy
May 02, 2021

Thank you for these tips. With covid all around us, people are getting very stress easily.

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