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Top 4 Trending & Fabulous Hobbies For 2022

With people having spent more time at home in recent times, many have found themselves wanting to find new ways to keep busy and also stimulated. Hobbies provide the perfect opportunity for both. People are constantly encouraged to try hobbies and pastimes because of all the benefits they offer.

If you are someone who is looking for a new hobby to pursue in those rare and delightful moments of downtime this new year, then continue reading to learn the top four trending and fabulous new hobbies for 2022.


Not so long ago, it would be absolutely unfathomable for teenagers and young adults to be investing their time, money, and most of all, patience into making their own dresses and other items of clothing from scratch.

However, dressmaking has now taken off as a leading trend amongst people of all ages. With reputable, renowned, and award-winning crafts shops, such as, having the most spectacular range of materials of all sizes, textures, and colours, it provides plenty of possibilities for people to be as creative as they want.


Due to the being unable to fly off the island for the past two years, the rise in interest in staycations, namely camping holidays, has risen exponentially.

Whether you are more of a glamper and prefer a proper bed and an electrical warming fire, or else enjoy truly becoming one with nature and properly camping in the great outdoors, camping is an incredibly rewarding pastime, hosting a range of benefits including, but not limited to:

  • A significant boost in Vitamin D

  • Opportunities for refreshing and healthy physical exercise

  • An opportunity to escape from technology, social media, and other aspects of modern life

  • A boost in memory, focus, and concentration

  • A substantial improvement in the quality and duration of sleep

  • Reductions in both stress and anxiety levels


Another way to maximise the enjoyment and health benefits of your self-care time is to learn various meditation techniques.

Meditation is fast becoming more and more popular amongst people of all ages, and whether you choose to combine your beginner’s meditative techniques with calming physical movements such as Pilates or Taichi, or else choose to simply lie back on the sofa and relax your mind, you will immediately see the benefits of the ancient practice.

Indoor Gardening

The rise of indoor gardening as both a popular and fashionable hobby came out of seemingly nowhere, but you only need to take a trip to your local garden centre to realise how truly popular this new hobby has become.

You could do your homework first and invest in one or more of the myriad of available beginner guides to indoor gardening books, or else simply wing it and start growing herbs or simple vegetables of your choice immediately.

Just remember to take such factors as how much light the plants need, the average temperature of the room you intend to grow them in, and how large the plants will grow over time.


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