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Box Hill and the River Mole

I've decided to share this post from July last year - it's a great place to visit, especially on a warm day.

We love Box Hill, it has such stunning scenery, we are really so lucky to live in Surrey!

Last time we visited we parked up the top (National Trust car park £4) and made our way down the hill, crossed the stepping stones and Lee got stuck on a rope swing above the River Mole! You can read about that here.

This time we parked at the bottom in the Burford Bridge car park (free) and headed off to the right - towards the river. There were people picnicing and a couple of older kids swinging on the rope swing across the river, which at the moment is very low (knee height). My kids climbed in and took a little dip.

Three young, blonde children came running towards us already in swimming costumes, I think they were possibly Dutch, and super cute, they looked like triplets. Their Dad grabbed the rope and they all started swinging across the river, Lee stayed in the water and helped swing them back to the bank. It was so lovely, just how childhood should be in my eyes. My children joined them and they all lined up and took turns at jumping off the ledge and swing ing across.

The sun was hot, so we took a stroll, barefoot of course, through the fields passing the stepping stones bridge and towards the actual stepping stones.

Box Hill is an extremely picturesque place, a photographers dream, especially by the river, and again, if you take a picnic and park in Ryka's cafe or Burford Bridge, all you will be spending is petrol money. It was great seeing how the scenery and colours have changed since our last visit before Easter. We'll have to go back over the summer break for more river adventures.


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