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Tillingdown Farm is no more....

I've written about this place before - a place we loved to go walking, we've been walking there for many years - Tillingdown Farm in Woldingham.

We can get there very easily from home by walking down a public bridleway and across a bridge over the Caterham bypass and down a dirt track.

The A22 (Caterham bypass) is quite well known to be haunted by the ghost of lady - apparently that whole area around Tillingdown Farm is haunted!

The farm had been pretty much derelict for a number of years. My kids loved exploring the abandoned houses there.

I once some information on the Surrey Paranormal website - I'm unsure whether it is still available but worth a look.

This is my daughter - fascinated by anything dark and creepy, she's in her "happy" place!

The whole area is very picturesque - with a lovely grassy valley leading to some pine woods.

A few months back we headed up there and the whole farm has been knocked down. I feel so sad. It will make way for new houses but I feel a bit of history has disappeared.

We visited again yesterday and it has now been barricaded off there is still another public bridle way but we will really miss not taking this route anymore.


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