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Lovely tissue Pompoms!

I told you I was obsessed with all things pompom! Tissue pompoms have been trendy for a while now - again once you have practised these are very easy to make at home.

We are planning on having lots of these in our wedding marquee, so with under five months to go I have started making some.

This was an experimental one, I have made a couple before but they ended up being huge! You can pick up tissue paper in most Pound shops and stationers or buy in bulk on eBay. I got myself a violet colour pack of 10 sheets in The Works for 79p.

I folded it into a square shape and ended up with 20 small squares of tissue paper, about 25cm in width.

Take you pile of tissue paper and fold it into a fan or consatina. Find the middle and tie either some string (or a pipe cleaner would work) around the middle. Trim the ends either into a rounded or spikey petal shape. It can be hard to cut through all the layers - so I find it best to cut a few at a time.

Next is the most tricky part and is kind of hard to explain. With the fan on its side, start gently pulling the separate layers of tissue up (yes, you will tear a few!). Keep fluffing them up until one side is complete.

Then holding it in your hand - turn it over and do the same thing to the other side and you should end up with a nice poofy pompom.

Instagram - Tissue paper pompoms - kids can make these with a little help #craft

It's best to keep experimenting with size and layers - but I think 20 layers works best for fullness.

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