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Wedding: Still dreaming........

I've been daydreaming rather a lot recently. The wedding is approaching rapidly and there is still so much to do - did I mention we seem to have no money!?

So far we have put a deposit down on a capri marquee; paid for the ceremony and our marriage licence; got "the dress" and my shoes and almost have the girl's outfits sorted; made our own invitations and decorations and painted some props.

We still need to pay for: hiring the field; the remainder of the marquee (which includes furniture, flooring and a dance floor); hire a generator and port-a-loos; make a tree swing (important); find a hogroast company; buy Lee and Fin outfits and shoes; decide on music and work out how we are travelling from place to place! Oh and somewhere in this huge task - I really want to beg, borrow, make or even buy a tipi - jaysus!!

Transport was never top of my list, but if I had to travel in style I would love an American classic car, the only catch is - it needs to be turquoise/mint green.

I was speaking to my Dad about cars and I told him I loved the Chevrolet Impala - he told me as a child this was also his favourite car.

Instagram - Untitled

Well it can't hurt to look - can it?! So far I have found a peppermint Cadillac on the Surrey Cadillacs website. This is a gorgeous car and my email was replied to quickly.

I have also fallen in love with two cars - the 1958 Chevrolet Impala and the 1955 Chevrolet Pick up truck - both turquoise and both fairly local (one Chertsey and the other Carshalton) I have yet to have quotes from Star Car Hire visit them at

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