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Pick Up Sticks

We're always on the look out for good sticks! Especially the kind that resemble deer antlers - I've not been lucky enough to discover any naturally shed antlers yet, but we once had the very lucky find of a small deer skull in Cowdray forest (we took him home and named him McSkully).

When we visited the Ashdown Forest a couple of weeks ago I found a good stick in the woods. My plan was to make it into a wall hanging.

It was so easy to strip the bark off - I used a normal dinner knife, once stripped it did look a lot like an antler.

Next was to paint it! I used normal acrylic paint in copper, silver and blue and painted a basic bold stripe leaving the end natural.

The feathers that I had painted a couple of months back got tied onto cord and wound around the stick and left to dangle. It's a nice cheap idea for a room decoration, and easy enough for children to help out with too.

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