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Wedding: Zankyou - the online wedding gift list

I was chatting to a friend in the park the other week about our wedding and she asked if we'd set up a gift registry -!

It's not something we'd really thought about at all, we honestly hadn't even expected to get gifts, we've lived together for almost 15 years now - but when I thought about it, of course, most people want to give you something as a gift.

Instagram - @zankyou weddings is a great website to give your guests info and se

The I came across a website called Zankyou - you can create a personal wedding website for your guests to view, not only giving them more detailed information about the wedding, but you can also let them know which hotels are near by, add maps, place them at their tables, keep a check on who has RSVP'd and best of all choose an alternative gift list.

We have chosen to set up a cash donation, it made the most sense really. Guests can log in to our webpage and donate any amount of their choice. Hopefully we will put some of it towards a little trip away somewhere in the summer. There are other options also for charity donations, honeymoon, and home improvement donations.

The website is very easy to create and use friendly too - what's not to like?

Here is some information from Sean Loughran - he's been very helpful answering my questions and responds to emails very quickly:

Zankyou is Europe’s leading online wedding gift list service and their website is available in 8 different languages and in over 18 countries.You can create your own gift list with the gifts you want, whether they are from Zankyou’s catalogue of gift ideas or created yourself. There is no limit to what you can list. You can even create a honeymoon gift list and create travel stages to inform the guests of your honeymoon.Allow your guests to fund your exploration of Europe or your journey to the Far East of Asia. Where do you want to go? The sky really is your limit!

And here's our FB page:

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