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Kite flying at the Birling Gap

Kites are great - you can pick them up for as little as 99p each - which is exactly what these ones cost. You can take them to your local park or to a beach - anywhere with a big open space will do.

We took a drive to The Birling Gap at Seven Sisters, near Eastbourne in East Sussex close to the famous Beachy Head.

Birling Gap and Crowlink, are part of the world famous Seven Sisters chalk cliffs, one of the longest stretches of undeveloped coastline on the south coast. One minute you can be walking on ancient downland, the next you could be rockpooling below towering cliffs of chalk. Spectacular, unspoilt views of the sea can be seen from all angles. There is a cafe and visitors centre on the cliff top.

There is a National Trust car park next to the cafe. The sky was a lovely blue, with huge fluffy clouds and the wind had picked up, perfect for kite flying - the kids each had their own kite and really loved running about with them.

After about half an hour we walked back to the viewing platform and they had opened the gate to the steps down to the beach as the tide was now out.

The beach has pebbles - we had a little scout about for interesting rocks and shells, but did not find any rock pools to look in - I think the tide needed to be a bit further out!

Nearby are lots of lovely places to visit including Devil's Dyke, Ditchling Beacon and the pretty village of Alfriston, home to Drucillas Zoo.

If you are looking for something a bit more epic - eBay and Amazon have some really fabulous kites. I love the dragon one above.

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