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The accidental sign maker!

So, it seems I've been a busy bunny........

I never intended to make this many, but getting locked out the other week proved to serve me well. We had two hours to spare until we could get indoors, so I took the kids to the park. Our closest park runs alongside a railway track, and by the fence I found lots of old pieces of wood.

My kids are used to me picking things up when we're out, but another little girl looked slightly baffled as to why I had a bundle of wooden planks under my arm.

I have to thank Pinterest for all the ideas, I really love all the old French signs, and the western style cowboy signs - so I'm planning on lots more.

Once I've gathered some more supplies I'd also like to have a go at making some old fashioned crates. I don't have any stencils as yet, but I think I may invest in a couple.

I also have my first custom order, an outdoor rustic sign for an old house - I'm really excited about making this!

So, once I've made up a few more designs I'll have to look sensibly into selling these online and possibly starting my own Etsy store and decide on pricing. I'm not very good at things like this - I tend to under charge, but I need to take into consideration the cost of paints and materials, the time it takes to create the different effects and the fact they are all hand painted and the fonts are also hand written. I think I'll be doing some research later....

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