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Craft: Teeny tiny bunting

This is a great idea for cute decor, a cake topper or ickle tiny bunting for a dolls house - using free colour swatches/paint charts and pompom wool from the 99p store! Bargainous!

I have used this ball of pompom wool loads - you will find this wool in most discount shops like Poundstretcher or 99p shops around the UK. It goes a long way, I've used it to hang balloons on, and strung it across the room to hang honeycomb balls from for my daughter's birthday party - and I still have loads leftover.

On the way home from school last week we popped into our local DIY store to pick up some sandpaper and my girls were looking at all the colourful paint charts, so we took home one of each colour from the top row.

I love the tiny bunting you can buy in shops like Tiger which can be used as a cake topper, so I thought this would be a good little project for the afternoon.

First cut a length of the wool. Then choose which colour scheme you're going for - you could go for an ombre effect, but we decided on rainbow colours. Cut one of the coloured rectangles off and then fold it in half and cut out a triangle - so when it is opened up you have a diamond shape. We went for 10 flags on our bunting.

Once you have cut out all your diamond shapes - fold them across the wool in between each pompom and stick them down with a blob of PVA glue.

Ta-da! Teeny weeny bunting - easy enough for kids to make on their own. To make it into a cake topper just use two straws (paper ones look the best) and cut two slits at the top to slot the wool into.

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