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Marbling Eggs with Nail Varnish

Seeing as it's almost Easter we thought we'd re-share this crafty post about marbling eggs - it's a very messy business, but it creates great effects!

These were created using nail varnish and water.

What you will need is:

Lots of different colour nail varnish (I have many odd bottles indoors).

Eggs (ours were just out of date).

Empty containers (old takeaway boxes or ice cream tubs work well).

Cocktail sticks/tooth picks (or any stirring device, we used a kebab skewer).

Water (room temperature).

Nail polish remover (to clean your fingers!).

Fill a plastic container with room temperature water, slightly warm to touch. It needs to be right for the nail varnish to float on the surface.

Then choose your colours - and pour them in. You should end up with something like this.

You will need to work fairly quickly, as the varnish starts to set in the water. Get your stick and drag through the colours to create a marble effect - like below.

Then just dunk your egg in with your fingers and twist it about until the egg is covered. It is very messy indeed - the kids loved it!

Leave them to dry - we balanced them in the egg box, they looked a bit claggy at first but have dried off lovely and shiny.

I guess you could use wooden eggs if you have them. This technique also works well on glass jars.

It will keep the little ones busy on a rainy weekend and also rid you of any unwanted old nail varnish!

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